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RhinoBoardTM is an insulative walling system suitable for external cladding of timber or steel framed buildings as well as solid concrete or masonry walls. The System is CodeMark Accredited & 100% BCA compliant combining factory made RhinoBoardTM EPS Panel, with RRR reinforced rendering System & sealed with a durable membrane coating.



The system provides a weather resistant seam free rendered finish in a wide range of textures and colours. It also provides continuous thermal insulation over the entire wall. The system has been well tried in Australia over the last 15 years ranging from dry, arid areas to tropical and alpine regions.

RhinoBoardTM is an insulative walling system combining expanded polystyrene and modified polymer render with a full ten year warranty.
RhinoBoardTM is manufactured without the use of CFC's and does not contain or emit any poisonous gas. In fact RhinoBoardTM is made of 98% air entrapped in a closed cellular structure of polystyrene. This entrapped air accounts for the extremely good insulative properties of the system.


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